08 07 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.7

Written by Crep

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Here is the release 0.7.7 for the Songbook-Client that brings the following updates:

  • support songbook options between braces
  • support for fields "original song" and "artist website"
  • the cover of the song can now be removed
  • correct edit freeze after find/replace all (thx Lohrun!)
  • LaTeX logs are flushed when starting a new pdf build
  • opening an already opened song switches to the corresponding tab (instead of making a duplicated tab)
  • the completer menu for macros has been rewritten and should now work (at last!)
  • turning spellchecking on doesn't set the song as modified anymore
  • tabs can be opened/closed with mouse middle click
  • bug fixes for songbook templates in preferences

Note that the release 0.7.6 did not happen because of a last minute bug ;)

17 06 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.5

Written by Crep

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There is also a new bugfix release 0.7.5 of the songbook-client (thanks to Lohrun and Znoug) :

  • build pdf action is disabled if the library is empty
  • a warning message with instructions appears if pdflatex and/or python are not installed
  • some tooltips were not correctly drawn
  • check the number of strings when adding a new diagram
  • fix crash when saving an empty song
  • fix first character not drawn in editor
  • fix default value for the number of columns
  • spellchecking suggestions are only proposed when spellchecking is active

Here it is, have a good day

02 06 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.4

Written by Crep

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The songbook-client hits version 0.7.4. This is the forth bugfix release.

Should be corrected:

  • fix last diagram that was not taken into account for new songs
  • fix crash when trying to enable spellchecking without a valid hunspell dictionary
  • fix crash when aborting the download of a new library
  • fix new duplicated cover files
  • fix some LaTeX characters disappearing when saving a song

Songbook-Client 0.7.4 is available for Ubuntu and Windows. Debian packages (thx Lohrun) and MacOS dmg (thx Olivier) have been updated to 0.7.3 (0.7.4 coming soon)

26 05 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.3

Written by Crep

Classified in : News

Updates to the Songbook-Client have been released. The version 0.7.3 is now available.

Diagram editor

Fixed bugs

  • instrument not restored
  • add option to indicate important diagrams
  • correct diagrams tooltips after modification
  • correct display with flat symbols
  • fix transposition with negative values
  • fix bugs when removing ukulele diagrams

New features

  • check when editing strings: only figures and the X letter can be set. This should avoid common mistakes such as O instead of 0 or lowercase x instead of uppercase X.
  • tooltips for capo/columns/transposition icons
  • reduced diagrams height
  • new background color for diagrams according to their instrument
  • diagrams can be removed by hitting delete key

Song editor

Fixed bugs

  • global indentation on save is disabled: vastly improve stability and cpu usage
  • indenting multi-lines was removing characters
  • selection in the library was lost when saving a song
  • macro completion menu was not inserting the correct value in some cases


  • spellchecker suggests proposition from context menu
  • indenting the selection is now a single action (single undo instead of undoing each line)
  • new environment repeatedchords for macro completer
  • comment/uncomment selection from context menu


  • Windows: the main window is not resized after closing the preferences dialog
  • Windows: fix performance issue for displaying dialogs
  • Windows: fix drag'n drop for album covers
  • don't overwrite images files
  • new shortcuts for the library:
    • CTRL+SHIFT+N start a new song
    • CTRL+B build the pdf
    • CTRL+C clean temporary files
  • add github link to report issues
  • remove useless menu entry Display/Adjust columns
  • link to the documentation is based on the locale of the application
  • add keywords ifchorded, iflyrics and fi for syntax highlighting

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